CoffeeSock Coldbrew Filter (1 pack)


Organic | Durable | Economical | Cotton | Reusable

These filters are designed to be used with a 32 oz. mason jar. They are a great alternative to the standard throw away options, making your coffee creation truly sustainable.

From the maker:

We are proud to offer an honest, organic, premium product that is made from quality materials, by skilled hands, in Austin, Texas. We are confident that you will find our filters deliver a rich and balanced brew, superior to paper, plastic, and metal alternatives, with a 25% cost savings over premium paper filters.

For use in any equipment that is sized for a #6 cone filter. Use in the same manner as a paper filter. Remove filter when it is cool enough to handle. Discard grounds. Rinse filter thoroughly and hang to dry.

One reusable filter included.