Have a store that needs a little pottery? We can help with that!

Our team can help assess your needs, will work with you on getting a personalized quote for items you're looking for, and will always be upfront and honest about completion timelines.

There is much to discuss in real-time to make sure that we nail down the perfect order for you, but we have a few points to talk about beforehand:

1.) Trademarks and Infringement: It is your responsibility to make sure that no part of any design you request us make infringes upon any current trademark. We are not liable for any legal or monetary issue that may arise due to infringement. Any expense to our business due to trademark infringement concerning your graphics/phrases will be passed onto you/your company.

2.) Our Trademark: You may have found us thanks to our flagship mug design stating ‘this might be bourbon’. We love this mug and this saying, but unfortunately in the past other companies have loved it too much. We applied for an official trademark through the US Patent and Trademark Office and as of August 2016, we are the rightful owners of that phrase. Moving forward, we want all businesses that we work with to acknowledge this and agree to not making any sort of action of replicating this saying. This includes any variation that may be considered brand confusion, including but not limited to ‘this could be bourbon’ or ‘this may be bourbon’. 

3.) Duplication and Pricing: If you have worked with other professional potters who have made items for you, please note that we will not duplicate outside work. We can use this as an example and jumping off point to what you are looking for, but we will use our own techniques, style, and artistic vision to make the pieces unique. We have ‘Recommended” pricing points listed for each item. You do not have to price it as such, but you cannot charge less than what we sell that item for in our shop. Any photography or sales copy that we have posted on our website, social media or online store is copyrighted by us and therefore is unavailable for you to use to promote or sell our products in your store. Doing so will result in us dissolving future business with your company.

 4.) Glazes: Glazes are different than paint; they are made of chemicals and the resulting color is from a chemical reaction taking place at a high temperature. We will work to the best of our abilities and resources to find one near the colors you’d like, but please know that we are somewhat limited. We test all our glazes and will always be upfront about these limitations depending upon your request. 

5.) Timing: Our company is operated by 2 potters and ALL of our work is handmade without the use of jiggers, machines, or molds. We strive to always produce quality work that will please our customers, business clients and ourselves. The nature of ceramics puts our estimated time to complete an order to no less than 3-5 weeks after starting. Depending upon the time of year, size of order, and need to purchase stamps, this timeline can increase. We know our limitations, and will always give you an honest estimation of time. However, there will always be a chance of outside circumstances delaying any order (ex. Kiln repairs, breakage). 

6.) Shipping and Breakage: Not near Central KY? No big deal; we ship! We use USPS or UPS services for all our shipping purposes and insure the packages for more than the value of the order. 

We also highly encourage using the additional Route insurance for any shipped order, which is a third-party insurance company who makes insurance claims quick & simple. We have had such a positive experience with this company (as have our customers) that feel like the additional cost is very much worth protecting your investment. In order for you to utilize this option, your order will need to be paid in full (so that Route knows the full value of your order’s items), and will need to be divided into orders no more than $1,000 each (with roughly $20 of Route Insurance per order) to ensure full coverage.    

Please let us know before we send an invoice if you require shipping when placing the order. Handling charges will apply for shipped orders – roughly $1-2 per piece – to ensure that your investment is wrapped & ready for shipping. Buyer is responsible for the cost of the shipping label(s) & any insurance claims that may be needed. 

7.) Delivery Fees: We are based in Winchester, KY and are available for delivery to those near us. Delivery is available for the following counties in Kentucky: Fayette, Bourbon, Montgomery, Powell, Estill, Madison and Clark. All other orders will either need to be shipped (see above for cost estimate), picked up at our stop in Winchester (free option), or a pickup can be arranged in one of the listed counties.

 8.) Minimum Orders: For new partners, the first order must exceed $500 and be paid in-full upfront. All subsequent orders must be over $300 and can be paid with a 50% deposit upon order, 50% upon pickup (unless they are shipped orders using Route Insurance, which requires full payment upfront). Orders with uncompleted payments will not be released until verified payment has been received.  

9.) Resale Certificate: We are required to keep a Resale Certificate from the State of Kentucky on-hand for any of our Wholesale Partners. You will be asked to send one before we put your first order into production.  

If you are looking for corporate or custom gifts, please visit our Corporate Gifts page.


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