Corporate Gifts

Need unique gifts ideas for work? We can help with that!

From individual mugs to completely themed gift sets, we offer a wide range of options for all your gifting needs. 

Choose from a selection of sets containing our handmade pottery alongside other high quality, artisanal items sourced from the American South. Nobody does gifts better than Dirty South Pottery.

Interested in branding items for your gift baskets? We make it happen. Personalized options range from mugs to platters to soap dishes and beyond.

Please contact us with your ideas and our team can give you a comprehensive quote!

Why choose Dirty South Pottery?

We make pottery that we are not only proud to stamp with our name, but that we would genuinely use in our own home. Early models of each style of mug can be found in our cabinets, and we had modified our techniques and shapes to ensure the best user experience. 

We know that there are many ceramic companies out there to choose from when it comes to customized mugs & goods - and they all have their place in the world. What sets Dirty South Pottery apart from others is our 100% handmade process, our rigorous quality control, our honest approach to business, and our unique style.

Our pottery is created from a made-from-scratch method. The clay comes to us in bags, we hand cut and weigh each ball of clay out, then proceed to wedge (or prime) the clay by hand which makes sure there are no air bubbles. From there one of our potters will hand-throw the form on the wheel using only our strength and talent to create the form. The handles for items are hand-formed from a wedge of clay, and assembled by hand. Over the next few days the work will sit in our studio drying out, then the rough edges are smoothed out by hand for every piece. The piece goes into a firing, and is removed two days later when the kiln has cooled back to room temperature. Glazing is done all by hand at Dirty South - we clean the piece, prime the bottoms to resist glaze, apply the glaze using various methods of dunking, brushing and spraying. The last step in the journey is a final trip into the kiln, this time going up to roughly 2200 degrees. We remove the work slowly from the kiln, inspecting each piece and using a fine grit sandpaper on the bottom to create a smooth surface. Our process uses our hands to the fullest, with the help of time, talent, and patience.