Giving Back

From the innovation of Dirty South Pottery, we knew that we wanted to build a handmade company with meaning in Central Kentucky. Part of that is giving back to our community. For the first few years, we donated to local auctions and giveaways that raised money for causes. But we wanted to have a more hands-on experience when it came to giving back. 

We now focus all our charitable donations to our two philanthropies, Scooped and Empty Bowls Winchester.  Due to the high demand for pottery needed for these events (200-300+ for each event every year!), we no longer donate to outside causes.


combines art & sweet treats with a cause. Ashley and Carvel, along with other potters from the area, come together to make 300+ handmade ice cream bowls that are sold along with a voucher for ice cream from a local vendor that will be set up that day. There will also be potters set up along the block with additional wares to shop.

Patrons can pick out their bowl and choose a scoop of ice cream of choice! This event was formulated and created by our owner, Carvel Norman, along with Michael Andrews, and had its first successful run in 2018 with bowls selling out in 45 minutes. 100% of the proceeds go to the Clark County Homeless Coalition.

Empty Bowls is a wonderful event that is held once a year (Winchester is always the first Friday of December). Each year, our studio donates roughly 300 soup bowls to help this cause. The First Presbyterian Church of Winchester graciously hosts and supplies the volunteers needed to make the soup and clean the bowls, while other organizations, such as the GRC ROTC and the Farmer's Market, support in other ways. We take pride and joy on being able to provide this service to our community, and being a part of a day that helps encourage you to meet new people in your town, strengthen bonds, and provide a service to our area.

Empty Bowls is a nationwide fundraiser, but is organized and put on exclusively within a community. The 100% of the money raised is handed straight to Clark County Community Services, and goes to benefit those in need in our own backyard.