Shipping Policy

Our studio’s shipping days are Wednesday and Friday. All purchases made after 12:00pm Eastern Time on shipping days will be processed the following shipping day. We use USPS Priority Mail or UPS for all our shipping needs. The amount of time it takes from order to being shipped depends on when you make your purchase. So make sure you get it in before noon on shipping days, and we will get it out to you asap!

Please note that the processing time is subject to change during busy season (such as the winter holidays). During these times, we will have posted notices to alert our shoppers about possible delays.

Any products that will take longer to process will have a notice in the listing. Please be mindful of the shipping and processing time shown within each listing.

Shipping costs are based on the weight of the products and the size of the box needed to ship them safely. Pottery is fragile, heavy and awkward - none of which are great for shipping. We have kept the cost of our pottery down in order to help balance out the expense of mailing, and have also chosen to not add handling fees. If you’re in the Central Kentucky area, we’d love to see you in our store in Winchester - open Wednesday through Saturday!

If you are local to the Lexington/Winchester area, you can save on shipping by selecting "Pick up" from the Delivery Method section of the checkout page. Our shop is located at 38 N Main St, and is open Wednesday - Saturday from 10-5pm. Your order should be ready for pickup on the next business day from the time it is processed.


We can refund a piece if you are dissatisfied if we are notified within 3 days of receiving the item. This excludes custom orders that have been personalized with names and dates and are therefore otherwise unsellable. We must have the piece back before refunds can be distributed. The money spent on shipping both ways is non-refundable.

Items must be returned to us in like-new condition in order for the refund to be approved. Any issues such as cracks, chips, staining will result in a denial of your refund request. 

Local refunds can be made at our shop in Winchester, KY with proof of purchase.


Route Insurance:

Starting November 2021, we have partnered with Route for an additional layer of protection for your order. This is a company who offers insurance for packages in the mail - no matter who is the shipping company. In case of breakage, they offer fast & easy refund or replacement requests for the buyers. 

This additional insurance starts at $2.15 (as of 5/19/23) for orders under $100, and increases based on your total order amount and is automatically added to your order. We highly recommend you using this insurance. Although we use our 5+ years of experience in shipping pottery to the best of our ability, the fact is that our handmade goods are breakable - and we cannot control what happens to the packages between our studio & your home. 

You are more than welcome to opt out of this additional fee - but in case of breakage you will still be responsible for filing an insurance claim with USPS or UPS. We cannot offer refunds or replacements for broken items. Please see below for further instructions on filing claims with UPS/USPS.

If you need to file a claim with Route, you can do so from their app OR here.

If you opted out of Route:

If your items arrive and they are damaged, please photograph them immediately while they are still in their wrapping. From there, you must file an insurance claim with USPS or UPS. We cannot do this for you because they may request to see the damaged items in person - shipping the broken pieces will negate the insurance on the original package. Unfortunately, we speak from experience. We will supply any information that you may need to file the claim, but you should have a majority of the information in your emailed receipt and shipping information.

If you need to file a claim with USPS, you can do so here.

If you need to file a claim with UPS, you can do so here.

If you wish to have the broken item replaced, you'll need to put in a new order with us from our website. Please know that we will require additional payment for the secondary order, since USPS/UPS will refund the cost of the original order to you directly once the insurance claim has been approved.