This Might Be Bourbon Coffee | 12 oz. & 2 oz. Bags


To pair with our trademarked "this might be bourbon" Mug, we bring you an exclusive coffee with the same edge & sense of question - is it bourbon in there?

This is not your typical bourbon coffee that has artificial bourbon flavoring added in. No, this is a coffee blend created by a bourbon enthusiast FOR bourbon enthusiast. We have deconstructed the flavor notes of bourbon, and blended them together with a coffee profile to create a wonderful palette of tastes.

This is a bold brew with flavors of vanilla, caramel & toffee . Brazilian & Colombian Blend . French Roast . Ground . (previously named "Bourbon Basics" coffee)

Suggested Pottery Pairing: 'this might be bourbon' mug

Product is available in a 2oz or 12 oz bag.

From our partners at Creative Coffees Roastery.