Cotton Winds Candle | 6 oz.


Cotton Winds will remind you of fresh laundry on a sunny spring day - mild & comforting as it wraps around you like a freshly cleaned linen sheet.

From our partners at Velvet Whiskey Candle Co:
"Cotton Winds evokes the nostalgic feeling of warm spring winds blowing through the clothesline. Brimming with floral and cotton blossom top notes, the tangy citrus bottom notes add a crisp cleanliness to this fragrance and will leave any room smelling clean and fresh."

These candles are hand-poured with natural soy wax into a glass jar, and are created in our home state of Kentucky. Each candle has a single wick, and will have an approximate burn time of 40 hours.

From our partners at Velvet Whiskey Candle Co in London, KY.