Sweetie Pie Chai | Piper & Leaf Bagged Teas


Creamy with strong cinnamon flavor, Sweetie Pie Chai is a tea that will wrap you up in a hug of comfort. Brewing instructions include both warm and iced options, making this a great drink year-round.

Options: A single bag (currently)

Ingredients: Sweet Potato, Cinnamon, Tulsi, Ginger, Licorice Root, Clove, Cassia Oil, Vanilla

From our partners at Piper & Leaf Tea Company:
" A cream dolloped slice of spiced pie back home. Sweetie Pie Chai is a lightly spiced, drinkable hug that warms the soul. It invokes the tradition and love of being surrounded at family gatherings… as well as an invitation to indulge in warm, cozy corners with a good book. The lively party of flavor that starts things off is by followed by the quiet, strong warmth that only comes with hearts aglow. Filled with joy, you are ready to repaint these memories time and again as you take each sip of Sweetie Pie Chai. "