What Your Mother Doesn't Know She Needs

I hear it all the time: "My mom is so hard to shop for - she has everything!" And I can say without a doubt that I feel ya on this one. I happen to have a Mom who is just about as kind-hearted and low maintenance as they come, which means that she doesn't require much "extras".

So what do you get a woman who has everything she needs?
Things that she doesn't know that she needs, of course.

Here is where we come in. I hold that pottery, in its various forms, can be one of the best gift ideas across the board. Why, you ask? Pottery is the perfect blend of art and function. It brings inspiration and human connection to the hands that made it, all while being used to eat soup. Not to mention it's guaranteed to be unique. Let's see a movie or chocolates do that.

To make it easy on you this year, I've assembled an official Guide to Mother's Day: Dirty South Style. In it I've highlighted 5 gift ideas that your Mom is going to love, along with a suggestion on how to make your wrapping unique. Let's take a look:

Shopping Handmade in Kentucky:
Let's break it down

Flower Vase ($20-$60)

Depending on the size and style you'd like, we have a wide variety of uniquely-made flower vases that are sure to make your Mom choose you as her favorite. We suggest you pair this gift with a bouquet of fresh Kentucky-grown flowers from your local Farmer's Market (ours in Winchester, KY opens Saturday May 13th - the day before Mother's Day - conveniently located one block from us on North Main).

Mug ($20) + Coffee Sample ($3)

You can't mess up a classic, here. A handmade mug just feels right - and the rumor around town is that it keeps your coffee warmer for longer. We've paired our single mug with a sample size of our signature coffee Cup of Mud. This is a blend of Chicory Root (can't get much more southern than that) and El Salvadorian coffee bean. The combo is perfect for the coffee-loving Momma in your life.

Serving Bowl ($45)

One thing most Moms love is having all their families around for dinners, holidays and parties. And they also love bragging on their kids. Why not make it easy on her and combine the two together? She will love serving up her famous dishes to her loved ones in a handcrafted ceramic serving bowl, and then gush about how her kids spoil her with such beautiful gifts when her friends compliment her on it.

Soy Candle in Ceramic Cup ($25)

If you have walked into our store in the last 2 months, the heavenly smell that floods over you is directly from this next gift idea. We have collaborated with The Candle Barn Company to make these one-of-a-kind candles. The ceramic cups are made here in Winchester, then filled in Shepardsville with yummy soy-based candles and cotton wicks. Why soy/cotton? The higher quality ingredients provide a clean burn for your mom, and when the candle is all gone, she will have a cup that is food safe.

Currently these come in 5 different scents in-store: Southern Belle (Magnolia scent), Hydrangea (pictured), Peppermint + Eucalyptus, Sea Salt Blossom, and Green Tea + Lemongrass. The Southern Belle and Hydrangea are available online here.

Jams and Jellies ($8.75-$12.50)

When in doubt, go for food. That's my motto on life in general, but I think it can apply here as well. We are happy to provide various items from makers in the state, and one of our favorites is Mrs. Toad's Simply Divine Gourmet Jams & Jellies, based out of a farm here in Clark County. There are several flavors including Strawberry Rhubarb and Apple Butter, but our favorite is the Ambrosia Conserve with Bourbon. It's not news that we are bourbon lovers around here, so the fact that this one can be used in the makings of an Old Fashion drink won our hearts over pretty quickly. If your mom's not a drinker, it goes amazing on scones and toast as well.

Gift Tags ($5)

The icing on the handmade cake. I grew up in a family of 4 women, all of us trying to out-wrap each other for the prettiest gifts during the holidays. Now, I'm not very skilled in the wrapping department but I win points when it comes to thinking outside of the box (pun intended) for gift adornments - and now you can too. These tags hang perfectly off of bags and packages, sending your gift to the front of the line. Put a little tissue paper in one of our hand stamped shopping bags and tie one of these to the handle and BAM: Mother's Day shopping completed.


One item not shown that would be a great Mother's Day gift is a certificate to one of our Dip You Toes Beginner's Class. Read more about what to expect from the class here. We have also opened up a special class on the Saturday before Mother's Day at 3:00pm so that a few lucky Moms won't have to wait to play in mud. Our normal class happens the last Friday of the month, and we are currently booking 2-3 months in advance. Sign up today to reserve your spot!

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Ashley Norman

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