Slow & Steady. Mainly Slow.

Isn’t it amazing how time flies when you work 11 hour days? I’ve been quite a bad blogger these last few months, especially since I was hoping to post on a weekly basis. But alas, here we are. No use crying over unwritten blogs.

Since spring has sprung I have had a flurry of inquiries about Dirty South. When will we be restocking, what are we making that is new, can we make wedding favors, when will our store be opening, etc. It looks like good weather inspires everyone to shop handmade! I am eternally grateful for the amount of support and love that we have been receiving in the last few months, and I hope that love continues to come.

Because the reality of the situation is: we are months behind on the renovations.

Now before you get all up and arms, I swear to you it isn’t my fault. We have been the victims of the weather just like everyone else in the Central Kentucky area. From two 12 inch snowfalls (which caused ice dams on our roof while melting, subsequently causing leaks) to one of the wettest springs on record ( rain + leaks =lots of crying for Ashley). We cannot get the roof redone until the weather eases up, and we can’t move forward with renovations downstairs until the roof is fixed. The water has already compromised some of the work that we finished last fall.

So what on earth have I been doing all this time????

Working on the upstairs apartment, which Carvel and I will be moving into soon. It is a 2,000 square foot, 2 story apartment that was semi-completed when we bought the place. Because someone had lived in it the last few years, we didn’t think it would take much to fix it up. We were a bit wrong in that regard.

The third floor is where we started, and it houses our master suite. This wasn’t our original idea (who wants to climb 3 stories to get to their room?) but when I had the idea to rework the space to give me a walk through closet, I changed my tune. So we started at the top, painting our bedroom, adding in a wall and closet system, creating new doorways, and tearing down the old shower. Currently, we are 85% done with it, we are just waiting to tile the shower and paint the walls in the bathroom.



My Dad showing off the new wall he installed.
(in process)

My wonderful Mom helping me prime over the third floor stairwell.
(in process)

Installed ceiling fan that completes the master bedroom's checklist.

The second floor consists of our guest room, kitchen, main bath, living and dining rooms, and a third bedroom that we are using as a hobby room (AKA a place to keep Carvel’s liquor collection away from the cats). So far the guest bedroom is completed, the kitchen is getting closer every day (we completely gutted it), same for the bathroom. The living room and hobby room are the last on my list and I have started working on them.

Kitchen, minus the island, appliances, countertops and a few cabinet doors.
(in process)

Main bath with original sink and tub.
(in process)

So believe me when I say that I am doing what I can as fast as I can to complete this building. There is not a person living that wants to see that Dirty South Pottery sign go up out front, and for the door to read ‘OPEN’ more than this lady right here. But…. It’s taking time. Realistically I am looking for a fall open date. I refuse to open before we are ready, and I think between the structural issues that need to be repaired and the aesthetic surface of the building that needs to be reworked, it’s going to take some time.

We appreciate all the love that you have been sending to us. Believe me, that (and coffee/beer) is what keeps me going some nights! Please keep an eye out for updates; you will be the first to know when the exciting stuff starts happening! Just as a reminder from the last blog, we are not currently accepting custom orders. I never want to disappoint, so it breaks my heart every time I have to let an opportunity to create custom pieces go. While you wait, go check out other local potters in the area! The Kentucky Arts Council has a running list of artist of all mediums that will have the time to work with you.

I cannot wait until we are up and running at full steam!

Ashley Norman

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