Shopping Updates Amid COVID-19

Hey y’all! Thanks for taking the time to shop with us – either online, one-the-phone or coming down to window shop from the store. It means so, so, so much right now – we can never be grateful enough.
We have had many people reach out to see how COVID-19 has effected shopping with us and to ask important questions. I wanted to take the time to create a space to answer all of those questions – I’ll be updating this post as things change so any information on here is accurate.

Store Hours & Policies: 

***May 20th Update*** Our store is NOT open for walk-in traffic yet. We are still working on getting the correct protective hardware for the store, deciding what procedures to implement, and finding proper sanitation materials. Please use our online store for shopping, and select our pickup option at checkout for locals. Thank you for your patience!


We are open our normal business hours for window shopping, in-store pickups and curbside pickups. Store hours are Tues-Sat from 10-5pm. These are the hours that we will have the store phone on us and will be on-call to assist you. If it is outside of these hours, we cannot guarantee that we will be available.
To shop with us for in-person pickup, you can either 1.) Call us and pay over-the-phone 2.) Come shop our front window, decide what you’d like to buy, call us and then pay over the phone 3.) Shop and pay online, use code STOREPICKUP on the Payment page, and then call/text us when you are here for pickup (for more on how long it takes to process an online pickup order, see FAQ below). PLEASE NOTE: You must call or text our store phone for service when you are here – our studio is very long and skinny, so we may be too far away to hear you knocking.
To shop online – head over to our shop page and have a look around! Purchase what you’d like, and if you want it shipped you can take advantage of our $8 flat-rate shipping policy. If you’d like access to our $5 flat-rate shipping, sign up for our newsletter (halfway down our homepage in a gray box) and you’ll receive an email with a code to use for the month of April. Our shipping days are currently Monday, Wednesday and Friday (subject to change in the future)



I placed an order online for pickup – when will it be ready?

We strive to process orders as quickly as possible. Since we are currently down to a team of two, it is taking us 1 business day to guarantee those orders are ready. You should receive an email letting you know your order has been fulfilled, and that means it is ready to go!


Should I call before I head down to pickup my order?

As long as you are visiting us during our posted store hours, you only need to call or text when you are outside for pickup. PLEASE NOTE that our hours may need to be adjusted in the future, so we advise you check back here to make sure of our current hours.


Which is better for Dirty South – pickup or shipping?

Pickup (when possible) is always preferred. It takes us less time and resources to process a pickup order verses a shipping order. The most important thing is that we can guarantee the safety of the pottery when we can hand it off straight to you. We have little breakage these days, but with shipping we unfortunately cannot make any guarantees. PLEASE NOTE: if you are sick, live with someone who has been sick, are immune compromised, or otherwise at a high-risk of contracting COVID-19, we ask you to please stay at home and let us ship it to you.


I accidentally forgot to use the code for pickup – what should I do?

Just shoot us an email at letting us know that you want to pickup your order instead of having it shipped. As long as we haven’t processed and shipped the order, we will be able to refund your shipping expense.


Do you do custom orders?

UPDATE 4/15/2020 - Due to our clay supplier temporarily shutting down, we are no longer taking small custom order requests. This is in the hopes of preserving clay for a longer period of time. Larger corporate gift orders will still be accepted - please submit an inquiry here if you are interested in corporate gifts. 

For other, more general Frequently Asked Questions about our company, please head over to our full page.


Once again, thank you all for your support; past, present, and future. 

Ashley Norman

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