Scooped: An Ice Cream & Art Event 2023

Have you heard of Scooped? This is our annual philanthropy that we host at Dirty South Pottery to benefit two non-profits that are vital to our community: Clark County Homeless Coalition & Leeds Center for the Arts. 

Scooped combines art & sweet treats with a cause. Ashley and Carvel, along with other potters from the area, come together to make 200+ handmade ice cream bowls that are sold along with ice cream from a local vendor that will be set up that day. This year's ice cream partner is Cookies & Cream, and we are thrilled to have them along for the event!

This event was formulated and created by our owner, Carvel Norman, along with Michael Andrews, and had its first successful run in 2018 with bowls selling out in 45 minutes. A lot has changed in the following years, but the purpose of the event has remained: to bring the community into our neighborhood for art & food while supporting local causes. 

Scooped: Ice Cream & Pottery Event graphics with handmade ice cream bowls

How you can be involved: 

THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT FROM PREVIOUS YEARS, so even if you’ve attended Scooped before please make sure to read all the information for this year’s event.

Brief Details:

Date: May 20th, 2023
Time: 12-3pm
Event Location: North Main Street, Winchester, KY
Bowl Pickup: Leeds Center for the Arts
Bowl Price: $20 presale, $24 event day price
Ice Cream (Single): $3.50 presale, standard prices vary for event day price

We here at Dirty South Pottery have been working on making over 200 small ice cream bowls (with the help of some of our local potter friends) for this event. Each bowl is uniquely shaped & glazed, making one-of-a-kind designs that are fun & playful for Scooped. All the potters involved have volunteered their time & talent to create these bowls in order to raise money for meaningful causes – absolutely 100% of the proceeds from the bowls to the two beneficiaries!

Attendees can reserve their bowls now by preordering them here on our website. There is a listing for just for the handmade bowls, and if you’d like to add on a scoop of ice cream from our partner at Cookies & Cream (at a special rate just for our event), then you can do so here! You can even reserve extra scoops if you’d like - this is great for families & folks who may want more ice cream than ice cream bowls. Please note that ALL bowls & ice cream are sold separately this year!

This whole event will take place on our block of North Main Street here in Winchester, KY. On the day of the event, you’ll be able to pick up your mystery bowl (already bagged & ready for safe travels) at Leeds Center for the Arts, then make your way to Many Friends Park (parking lot near D&S Hardware) where you’ll find Cookies & Cream ready to serve up scoops. We will have interactive art projects, art from the community on view, as well as pottery demonstrations happening at Dirty South Pottery.

If there are any bowls available the day of the event, you’ll need to purchase them directly from Dirty South Pottery’s storefront. This event has sold out in previous years & will each bowl will be $24 during the event, so it is best to reserve your bowl ahead of time! The discounted price of the ice cream will only be available for those who pre-order their scoops; day of purchases will be normal pricing.

What if I don't live near Winchester, KY?

We know that many of you live outside of a convenient driving distance to Winchester, but still may want a chance to snag a Scooped Bowl. If you need a bowl shipped, we will have a small number of them available on our website during the event.

Bowls will be $24 on the day of the event
- the additional cost is to help off set the extra expenses involved in packaging the bowls for shipping.  

The proceeds of these bowls will go towards the same charities as the main event. Additionally, we will be donating 15% of our normal sales on the 20th to the Scooped fund as well! You can make your purchase more impactful by adding that one thing from us you've been eyeballing for a month.

The bowls will be listed on our website (linked on our homepage) at 12:00 pm on Saturday May 20th and will be $24 each. 

We are excited for this year’s event, and look forward to seeing you all on North Main Street! Huge thanks to the following artists, businesses & non-profits for their help in making this year's event happen:

Special Thanks:
Theresa Carroll for this year's graphics for Scooped, Cookies & Cream for partnering with our event & offering a special price for our patrons, and Clark County Homeless Coalition & Leeds Center for the Arts Board Members and volunteers for helping us plan the event.
Ashley Norman

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