Inspired in the Spring

Spring is always such a wonderful, magical time for me – and I suspect for us all. It is the time of year that inspiration comes barreling at me like a train and I cannot help but let it collide.

This year is no different – though I have more outlets than ever for my creative juices to flow to. The obvious one being ceramics (imagine that!). This winter I started developing a new signature line, one inspired by watercolors.

This is no easy task for pottery. Glazes can look vastly different when applied vs when fired, so brushstrokes can feel like a shot in the dark. But through trial and error, I found a technique that works. Additionally, Carvel has been working with surface decoration and has developed his own line. Together, they form what we are calling our Dirty South Reserve. We each will have a line in this collection, and it will be available exclusively in our store; no wholesalers will have access to these beauties.

Also, we are working to update the front of our store with planters and green life. I am a lover of nature and want to incorporate this into the entrance of our store. I would love to have plants throughout the studio, but given the dry and dark environment of our location I will have to settle for exterior plant life.

As you may have noticed, we have also made upgrades to our website (yay!). Along with design changes, you can now see a sampling of what products we have for you to browse through when you visit us in person (check out the In-Store tab), see what we have planned for the month (via the Calendar tab, found by hovering over the Contact Us tab), read more about what classes we currently offer (Class Offerings tab). If you’d like to stay up-to-date on product arrivals and special offers, make sure to subscribe to our website (à). I will be sending out monthly newsletters around the 5th of each month, with info and special content exclusive for our Dirty Southerners email list.

And if that’s not enough, we are working on several community initiatives to help strengthen our neighborhood.

Whew! It’s about time that they perfect that whole ‘cloning humans’ technique, because I could really use a doppelganger right now. Even though it’s a busy time, I will never wish any of it away. I encourage you to do the same – you’ll never get this moment quite like this one again.

Now, get out there and enjoy the Spring!

Ashley Norman

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