Giving Back - Mini Scooped is here!

It’s happening – spring is here in more ways than one. As May marches on, we not only are getting access to better and better weather, but we are getting into the first sign of a post-pandemic world. As vaccines are administered and restrictions ease, this is a time that we can safely start getting back into our communities and have experiences that we have missed out on for the last year or so.

Although small businesses have struggled (and very much continue to struggle) during these ever-changing times, nonprofits have had it harder. Not only have they not had access to government assisted grant opportunities, but it has been impossible for them to hold annual fundraising events during the pandemic.

With the need of nonprofits and the desire of everyone to gather again, we have decided to put the two together in the best way we know how. In 2018 & 2019, we hosted an event called Scooped – a charitable event of Carvel’s creation that involved handmade bowls & ice cream being sold to raise money for a nonprofit. We love using our talents and studio space to make bowls that will be able to not only raise money for important needs, but also give delight to those who take the bowls home. This event’s purpose has always been to use art to bring people together while financially helping a nonprofit in our area.

And now we can do it again, but a bit different - We're hosting Mini-Scooped

Scooped Logo - An Ice Cream and Pottery Event

But it’s not your average Plain-Jane fundraising event. One of the key pieces of Scooped is that we create a sense of community that is centered on our street. The general idea is that this feel like a neighborhood event that shows off the best that our street has to offer, with us creating parklettes for seating, booths of our contributing potters selling their work, performers from Leeds showcasing their talents on the sidewalk, and having demonstrations on the wheel outside on the sidewalk. While several of these things had to be eliminated or reworked, we are excited to be hosting Mini Scooped event on May 22nd to benefit Leeds Center for the Arts and the Clark Co. Homeless Coalition.

What you can expect: purchase your ticket online (Eventbrite) beforehand & choose when you’d like to pick up your bowl. On the 22nd , when your 30 minute pickup window is here, you’ll be able to meet our volunteers in front of Leeds Center. (Please note, masks must be worn while interacting with our volunteers & picking up your items). You’ll choose a bag containing a mystery bowl (all handmade, either by us or guest potters in our studio) & you’ll choose your ice cream flavor. The bags will also have goodies from our downtown businesses – including coupons! From there, you can make your way down to the tables that we have provided to eat your ice cream at, and then go enjoy downtown Winchester!

Dirty South Pottery will have a pottery set up outside doing demonstrations on the wheel, and will also be donating 15% of our daily sales on the 22nd to the two nonprofits.

If you’re not local, but would like to contribute in some way – you’re in luck! We will have a handful of these ice cream bowls for sale on our website on May 22nd to raise additional funds for the event. So even if you’re far away, you can get your hands on one of these unique ice cream bowls!

We are happy to be of use to our community, and hope that you’ll help spread the word about Mini Scooped. It would fill our hearts so much to see ALL of these bowls go to good homes & to be able to donate a meaningful amount to the Clark County Homeless Coalition & Leeds Center for the Arts.

Carvel Norman, Potter, throws on the potter's wheel in Winchester, Kentucky

North Main Street in Winchester, KY during Scooped in 2019Outside of Dirty South Pottery in Winchester, KY during Scooped in 2018


Ashley Norman

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