Evolution Over Resolution

A new year has been given to us all once again, and I for one am very grateful to see it come. The holidays are always our busiest time of the year, which is both exciting and overwhelming as a business owner like myself who makes their own products. By the time that our annual post-Christmas studio shutdown arrives, my brain feels zapped, my body aches, my socializing fuel tank is empty and I am pretty much the definition of worthless.

During this time, it is so easy for me to feel hard on myself; I tend to think of all the solutions after it is too late, and blame myself for all the late nights, backaches, and mistakes made. The New Year allows me a clean slate, though. In the past I have used it as a time to create a new resolution, although it never felt quite right for me to place myself in such a confined space.

Why not try something different then?


In 2018, I am going for evolution over resolution.

And by that I mean that I will be focusing on the path that I am already on instead of resolving to create a new one. I don’t have to ‘fix myself’ or say ‘new year, new me’ – new year, evolved me will do quite well, thank you. I want to focus on bettering my current self and my bad habits instead of replacing them.

Think I’m splitting hairs? No worries, you’re allowed that opinion. For me, words are all backed by intention. ‘Resolution’ has such a weighty and daunting intention behind it (especially when placed after the words ‘New Year’) that I cannot use it without feeling like I have already failed. It feels heavily defined, closed, and tight: constricting. I know from the past that when I eventually fall off of the ‘resolution wagon’, familiar feelings of failure and self-doubt spring into action. A few years ago I resolved to write a blog a week that year. Spoiler alert; that did not happen. I might have spent 7 weeks that year blogging, and 45 weeks in shame and excuses for failing.

So what makes ‘evolution’ better? It is a looser word, focused more on the transformation than the result. Evolution asks that you be a part of the process, and that there is no rush to get to whatever result you are heading towards. The adventure is in the journey. And with that, if feels softer and less overwhelming. The word feels like it is a friend, jogging along with me and keeping me motivated. It still has forward projection, which is what I am looking for, but without the constricting weight of having to change everything to accomplish new things this year.

This year, I want to evolve into a radiant person; I will illuminate. I would like to experience more joy, nature, and ease. I will find bliss in challenging situations, and enjoy every day regardless of the trials. I want to commit myself to my community further, and live the gospel of supporting local endeavors. I will evolve to be involved. I will be generous with my assumptions of others, and worry less about their assumptions of me. I will revolve my work around my friends and family, and not the other way around. I will rest, and be kind to myself. Simply put, I will do my best.

How do you want to evolve this year?


Ashley Norman

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