An Autumn Break - September 2020 Temporary Closing

From September 14-29th, 2020, our store will be going dark. No in-store shopping, no processing orders, no phone calls or emails, no pickups -
Dirty South Pottery will be on a break for the last two weeks of September. 

Our online shop will still be open for orders, but we must stress that no order will be processed until September 30th, 2020. Read on for full details on this break.


Shew. 2020, am I right?
When the pandemic hit Kentucky in March, like many other small businesses, we were rocked to our core. Literally everything that we thought we could expect from the year was tossed out of the window, and new plans had to be quickly drawn up.

The thing about planning during this ever-changing year is just that; it's constantly changing. We have spent the last few months adapting, and readapting, and modifying, and planning, then replanning everything. I mean, everything. 

All our statistics, goals, and core understanding of how our business functions and where/when we can expect money to flow in has been changed. And although we feel like we have a *decent* handle on things for the time being, we are very tired.
It feels like we have lived in a state of reaction for years at this point, without a break. As we head into what we are hoping is a busy holiday season, we have decided that we need to take a tried and true break. A break from everything that is work related, just for a little bit.

With all our festivals and market appearances cancelled for the rest of the year, we decided that September would be the perfect time for this. Our kilns are in desperate need of some down time too, and we will be having them worked on while we rest up. It's like a spa day for them; parts are replaced and trimmed up, and they'll be functioning at a better rate afterward.

We are incredibly appreciative of all of the support we have been sent this year, and for the past five years. It is an honor to be able to make art that we love, and to have it cherished by so many loving hands. But even when you love what you do, you can still get burnt out. We are taking this time off so that we can fill up our own cups so that we can show up for the rest of the year as our best selves. 

Thank you all for understanding, and we will see you in October!
Carvel & Ashley Norman,
Owners & Lead Potters - Dirty South Pottery


Ashley Norman

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