Spectrum Mug | Discontinued


NOTE: This design has been discontinued due to a studio wide change in the clay we use from a white to a brown clay. This will no longer be available after our current stock is sold out, and currently there are no plans to bring this design into the new clay. 

SPECTRUM: all colors/energies combined, balanced.

Colors have a profound effect on our lives - They carry the ability to change our perception, to encourage our hunger, to calm our nerves, and much more. This mug encompasses them all. The Spectrum can have many meanings assigned to it; from magic to chakras to ROY G BIV. It can also represent social movements such as LGBTQ pride and support of Rainbow Babies/Children. We invite you to treasure this mug for whatever it represents to you!

Please note that the size of the item and the exact look of the glaze will vary slightly from the photographed shown. This is part of the handmade process and makes each piece truly unique. If uniformity is important to you, we suggest you order all items intending to be matched at the same time.

Holds 12-14 oz.
Dimensions: 4" wide x 4.5" tall

Made with Porcelain Clay
Handthrown on the Wheel
Microwave & Dishwasher Safe
Full Care Instructions
Handmade in Kentucky