Self Care Essentials Gift Set

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Self care - we all need it, and yet sometimes we need a little push into practicing it. The gift set was curated for those with loved ones who are always focusing on others, and never take time to tend to themselves. It includes items for a nice relaxing evening of self-care: a mug with an encouraging hidden message, a face mask to freshen up the skin, & de-caffinated tea to sip while the mask is drying.

This gift set includes our Inhale, Exhale Mug, one tube of Honey & Oat Face Mask (good for 2-3 masks), Golden Hour Tonic Tea, Mesh Tea Ball, a 2021 Ornament & a gift box with crinkle paper tied with ribbon - ready for gifting!

All items are sourced from small, maker based businesses in the USA, including the Inhale, Exhale Mug that was handmade in our studio.

Mask instructions: Mix mask with equal parts water (or to desired thickness) for a deep facial cleansing that will leave you feeling fresh & clean. Apply even layer to face, and remove with washcloth when it starts to dry.

Mask made in Bonnieville, KY by Earth & Anchor . Tea is from Huntsville, AL . Mesh Tea Ball is from Charleston, SC.

Mug will hold 12-14+ ounces of liquid (over 1 cup).
Dimensions: Vary

↠ Made with Porcelain Clay
↠ Handthrown on the Wheel
↠ Microwave & Dishwasher Safe
Full Care Instructions
↠ Handmade in Kentucky