Pie Dish


Whether it's baking your latest Pinterest find or your mom's famous apple pie recipe, this handmade pie dish is sure to elevate any baking experience. And even though we call it a Pie Dish doesn't mean you can't think outside of the box (or circle?). It is great for dips, casseroles, quiches, pot pies, brownies, or anything your head or the internet can think of the bake.

Please note that the size of the item and the exact look of the glaze will vary slightly from the photographed shown. This is part of the handmade process and makes each piece truly unique. If uniformity is important to you, we suggest you order all items intending to be matched at the same time.

Please see last slide for a visual of all glaze options.

Dimensions: 9-10" wide x 2.5-3" tall

Made with Porcelain Clay
Handthrown on the Wheel
Microwave & Dishwasher Safe
Full Care Instructions
Handmade in Kentucky