Mystery Mug Gift Set

$26.00 $28.00

Who says the perfect Yankee Christmas / Secret Santa / Dirty Santa gift doesn't exsist? Because they are wrong.

This gift set is the present you need when you're looking for simplicity. It comes with one of our Mystery Mugs, which have different shapes and colors to each, along with our signature blend of coffee, Cup of Mud. The mug is guaranteed to be high-quality (since it must past our strict standard checks) & you don't have to fret over what color or size someone might like. It's all a mystery! It's a great way to guarentee a nique and thoughtful gift - without a lot of work.

It includes: Mystery Mug, Cup of Mud Coffee & gift box with crinkle paper.

All items are made in Kentucky, including our the mug that was handmade in our studio.