CoffeeSock Cold Brew Kit


Organic | Durable | Economical | Cotton | Reusable

Do you cold brew? We think you'll love this reusable Cold Brew Kit from CoffeeSock! This kit includes a quart-sized canning jar and one reusable filter. 

This is a easy-to-use kit that will have you enjoying coffee quicker than normal. Simply put your favorite coffee grounds into the provided pouch, twist and secure, place into the jar full of water, and wait 12 hours. Do this at night and you'll have a couple cups of cold brew to last a few days (or hours). 

From the maker:

We are proud to offer an honest, organic, premium product that is made from quality materials, by skilled hands, in Austin, Texas. We are confident that you will find our filters deliver a rich and balanced brew, superior to paper, plastic, and metal alternatives, with a 25% cost savings over premium paper filters.