Cleansing Face Masks


Self care is for everyone, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Keep things simple with this face mask made from french clay - it is a simple & clean way to give yourself some time to relax while also taking care of your skin.


  • French Green Clay Face Mask
  • Honey & Oats Face Mask

A message from our partners at Earth & Anchor: "We carefully choose & source high quality ingredients for our facial cleansing masks. Our test tubes are recyclable polystyrene, chosen primarily for their safety (vs glass) in their intended setting for use."

Mask instructions: Mix mask with equal parts water (or to desired thickness) for a deep facial cleansing that will leave you feeling fresh & clean. Apply even layer to face, and remove with washcloth when it starts to dry. (paragraph) Ingredients: French Clay. (paragraph) From our partners at Earth & Anchor in Bonniesville, KY