2023 Snow Globe Mug | Limited Holiday Collection


The seventh design in our Holiday Collection is here! Since 2017 we have released a new design each year, and for 2023 we have added the Snow Globe.

Whether it is Shirley Temple, Charlie from The Santa Claus, or just your favorite comfort Hallmark movie, snow globes have been shown in your favorite movies as comforting & festive for generations. This year we celebrate that bit of nostalgia with this design of a snow globe with a sweet snowman inside his winter wonderland, available on Plates, Mugs and an Ornament.

Inspired by classic Christmas decor, the items are stamped during the formation process with the Snow Globe design, then glaze is hand painted on later using a watercolor technique. There is a slant formed into the rim of each mug to help prevent dribbling when used. Each mug is unique - which makes them all special.

Be sure to check out the matching 2023 Snow Globe Plate and 2023 Snow Globe Ornament!

PLEASE NOTE: Although we use the same basic shape & clay allotment for each of these mugs & plates, they will all vary in size. If continuity is important to you, PLEASE order all items at the same time. This will allow us to choose items that match to the best of our ability during the fulfillment process.  

Holds 8-10+ oz.
Dimensions: 3.5" x 3.5"

↠ Made with Porcelain Clay
↠ Hand thrown on the Wheel
↠ Microwave & Dishwasher Safe
Full Care Instructions
↠ Handmade in Kentucky

This Mug was handmade in our studio in Winchester, KY. The design is copyright 2023 Dirty South Pottery LLC